Who we are

Valentine Walsh invented EasySections because Clients are rarely willing to pay for cross-section analysis to be carried out on paintings of low value  yet the conservator needs to have as much information on the nature of the painting before and during treatment. EasySections allow the conservator to make effective cross-sections in a private studio and are used in museums and training institutions worldwide.

Valentine is the founder of the Pigment Project and a leading conservator in the UK with long and extensive experience in the conservation, restoration and scientific analysis of paintings. After an apprenticeship with the Chief Conservator for the National Portrait Gallery and an internship at the Kunstmuseum, Basel, she set up her own studio in 1979  and works on paintings from 1300 to present. An advocate for her profession, Valentine is a longstanding member of national and international conservation bodies promoting the work of the profession and the conservator in the UK and overseas.

Valentine has an all absorbing interest in the technical nature of paintings which lead to the setting up of the Pigmentum Project with the University of Oxford hosting numerous internships for conservation students, archaeology students and forensic scientists from University College London and King’s College London. Valentine has led extensive research on the characterisation and history of pigments culminating in the publication of “The Pigment Compendium: A Dictionary of Historical Pigments” and “the Optical Microscopy of Historical Pigments” in conjunction with Dr Nicholas Eastaugh, Dr Ruth Siddall and Dr Tracey Chaplin.
For more information on The Pigmentum Project visit http://pigmentum.org
If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Pigment Compendium: A Dictionary of Historical Pigments” please contact us as we have a few available at a discounted rate.